As we leave Summer behind and move into Autumn we thought we’d focus on Bonfire Night. Bonfire night and the weeks around it can be a great spectacle for us but sadly not always for our pets.fireworks-champion-vets

There are various ways to help your pets during these weeks. We’ll focus on cats and dogs but rabbits and smaller animals can be affected too.


  • Keep cats indoors when it’s dark during firework season.
  • Give them a hide-away where they can feel secure.
  • Background noise eg radio or TV
  • Feliway diffusers: These are best started two-three days before.


  • Walk your dog on a lead along a known route before it gets dark.
  • Make sure your dog is wearing an ID tag and is ID chipped. If they bolt when hearing a firework, it will make it much easier for you both to be re-united.
  • Create a den inside the house so they can hide if they want to.
  • Close windows, doors and curtains.
  • Background noise such as radio or TV but make sure it’s not a programme which includes fireworks.
  • DAP collars/diffusers can help but we recommended starting to use them a month before.
  • Zylkene, a capsule based on the milk protein casein. This works best if your dog is anxious and/or mildly afraid of fireworks.
  • Praise and re-assurance but don’t shout even if your dog is misbehaving as it can create further distress.
  • Never take your dog to a firework display.
  • If they are particularly distressed it will help if you stay with them at home. Even if they aren’t wanting any attention just by being there will re-assure them.


If you are concerned we always recommend making an appointment and talking to your vet as there can be various medical options which can help but should be tailored to your individual dog’s needs and in plenty of time before the fireworks season.

For further information read our pet advice page regarding fireworks and your pet.

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