At Champion Vets we are celebrating antibiotic resistance awareness week by using our social media, websites and in practice notice to demystify the truths behind antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotic resistance is a big issue facing all of us just now, not in the future, as super bugs like MRSA are already here. All healthcare professionals, including both human and veterinary, along with patients and clients need to play a part in fighting this growing issue.

A common misconception is that people or animals become resistant to antibiotics but in fact it is the bacteria themselves so misuse of antibiotics in animals or in people will still cause issues for the other.

We as a practice group and wider company are committed to responsible use of antibiotics. If you have any questions about antibiotic resistance then please feel free to discuss it with our clinical team and check out our Facebook pages for Grangemouth, East Kilbride, Glasgow and Paisley in the coming days for more information.

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