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Mon-thurs: 8.30am - 7.00pm
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264 Paisley Road West,
Glasgow G51 1BN

East Kilbride

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Mon-Fri: 8.30am - 7.00pm
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The Pet Empawrium,
2 Glenburn Road,
College Milton,
East Kilbride G74 5BA


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Mon-Thurs: 9.00am - 7.00pm
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47 Kilnside Road,
Paisley PA1 1RJ


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Mon-Fri: 8.30am - 7.00pm
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Telephone: 01355 229753

The Beeches, 197 Bo'ness Road,
Grangemouth FK3 9BT

Customer Testimonials

Just want to say a big thank you to all the Ibrox staff for their consideration and care in helping our dog Aster get over her uncomfortable skin condition.

Not only has she gone from strength to strength since being under your care but she has also got over her fear of baths and her anxiety about visiting the vets ( which is amazing!!).

She is a different dog now so it just goes to prove, with the correct sensitivity and care most dogs can be won over when the people doing their jobs genuinely love the animals and their jobs.

You guys are exactly the people anyone would want their very loved pets to be cared by. Every single person we have spoken to here has always made the time to give us as much help and information as possible and we hugely appreciate it, so glad we were recommended you after being let down by our previous vets. X

Zoe Devlin | Glasgow

I have had my two precious golden retrievers, aged 13 and 8, treated here over the last two years during which the older dog has had a serious, complicated operation. I had moved from another practice where, twice in the previous year, my older dog was misdiagnosed and would have been put down had I not used google.

Since coming here, my dogs have been cared for by the wonderful team of Adele, the vet, and Lauren and Tamarin, the nurses with the best care and rigorous attention to detail I have ever seen. The team are genuinely interested in the well being of the dogs and were painstaking and thorough from first contact with what was a very ill older dog, through tests and diagnosis, the operation itself and the immaculate stitching to the aftercare.

My dogs really love going into the vets and that says it all!!! I drive past numerous vet practises and it takes a half an hour to drive here but I wouldn't entrust my lovely dogs to any other vet now. Thanks especially to Adele for her fantastic skill and caring nature."

Jean MacLeod | East Kilbride

I am writing to you to let you know that I am extremely happy with the service I have received at your Grangemouth branch. The girls there have exceeded my customer service expectations and have provided 5 star care for my boxer.

I have been to a few vets over the years and I feel this is where we will stay

Thanks for your services.

Anne-Marie Travers | Glasgow

My dogs have been visiting Champion Vets since the day they took over the surgery in Glasgow in 2003.

The quality of care, advice and treatment my dogs have always received has been fantastic.

The staff, from the fantastic vets, nurses, reception staff and right through to the grooming staff have always been friendly and chatty – and above all else they care about our animals who are a huge part of our family.

I only have to see my dog’s tail wag and see how excited they get each time the see the staff and that in itself tells me how comfortable they are around the Champion Vets staff – and that is all that matters to us as a happy dog makes a happy dog owner!

I highly recommend Champion Vets if you are a pet owner looking for staff who listen, care and are willing to take the time needed to explain anything that you are unsure about. And above all else, you feel confident enough to leave your beloved animal with them if they need an operation.

Thank you Champion Vets for the wonderful work you all do in getting our animals better!

Angela and William Pettigrew | Glasgow

Roxy my bitch being very ill took her to a top class vet in Edinburgh who advised me she needed an emergency operation but could not perform it there and then.

I phoned Champion Vets Grangemouth although I had never dealt with them before and spoke to Stephen relating my position. He immediately told me to get through as soon as possible. Roxy was admitted and operated within an hour and a half saving her life.

Professional care and attention to detail was away and beyond all standards. Having used their expertise on many occasions since. I will continue to use them and be pleased to recommend their services.

Lorna and Roxy | Edinburgh

We approached in Paisley to obtain a pet passport for a trip to Europe. Kerry did a great job of administering the treatments and explaining the process - and we sailed through the immigration checks at the port of Dover without any issues. Thanks!

Mr. A. Murdoch and Luna | Renfrew

The staff at Champion Vets are wonderful! We get expert, friendly service and the ValueVet scheme offers great value for money. The vets are experienced and thorough, whilst being caring and reassuring. I am happy to recommend Champion Vets and wouldn't dream of taking my dogs anywhere else

Mrs. C McGuinness | Grangemouth

Champion Vets in East Kilbride have been brilliant with our Beagle since we got her in February 2014. They gave her a thorough check up and it was never any bother answering our endless questions.

Mitzy took ill with vomiting and diarrhoea in May and they were so good in trying every avenue to get her better. They had her in for 3 days attached to a drip numerous blood tests and check-ups every 3 days. Nothing was too much trouble for them. They bought in a variety of different foods for her to try and I really felt that they cared about her and she was not just another patient.

When I visit the pet shop attached to the Vets the staff will come out and ask after Mitzy. After everything they put her through if we are passing the Vets and don't take her in she cries. I have recommended that my friend takes her dog to them as she doesn't like the vets she uses and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. The Vets and the Nurses are second to none.

Mrs. S. McWilliams | East Kilbride

Just a word of thanks. I use both your vet and grooming services for my dog and would just like to say thanks for the excellent care and attention shown at EVERY visit. After a recent op I have been delighted with the service that he received from your staff and cannot thank them enough for the personal way they cared for him.

Mrs. A Newbigging and Ben | Grangemouth

I have been using Champion Vets for the health of my pets for many years now and the treatment of my dogs has always been as good as anyone can get. All of my dogs have lived a long and healthy life and have enjoyed first class and valued treatment at all times, they have all lived till at least 14 years.

Keep up the excellent work for many years to come.

Mr. F. Lavery and Robbie

I would like to thank all the caring staff from the reception to the on duty vet at your Ibrox branch, their compassion, empathy and passion for their job was the best. I was in the unlucky position today that my dog had to be put to sleep. I was treated with the best respect and more important I was given time to spend the last minutes with my pet. Thank you Champion Vets!

Mr. I. Miller | Glasgow

I have a black German Shepherd dog called Max who is four years old. Max loves going to see his vet at Champion Vets. He is epileptic and has been going to Champion Vets since he was 12 weeks old.

Despite all his problems and many blood tests and operations, he still loves to come and see everyone at the vets and has no fear of everything they have to do with him. He is still at his black, bouncy best!

Mrs Wadwell and Max | Ibrox

My previous dog Zella (a white boxer) was already a patient at the practice when Stephen Champion bought it and we have stayed with the practice.

Zella was very ill the last year of her life and was looked after by the vets and nurses in the practice as if she was their own pet. They took such good care of her, she was not going to be seen by the vets because she was ill but she was going to see her friends. Sadly she died in November 2007 and the care shown to me when she died, I have not heard any of my dog friends say they got anything like that level of care shown to them with their vets.

I adopted Ruby in January 2008 and she is a red boxer and apart from the usual tummy upsets and her annual check with her booster she was well until 2011 when she developed a tumour on her back leg and required surgery and radio-therapy and was quite ill. But thanks to the care she received from her friends she recovered and was fine until 2013 when she developed pancreatitis and again needed a lot of care from Champion Vets. She had another bout in 2014 and again she could not have had better care anywhere.

Ruby does not go to the vets, she goes to see her “Auntie” Kerry (vet), “Auntie” Dianne and her “Auntie” Laura in Paisley or her “Auntie” Erin in East Kilbride but she knows everyone in the practices and goes in to visit them often so that they can see how she is, because Ruby is so happy with all her friends it makes taking her to see them when she is ill much easier.

I often recommend Champion Vets to other dog walkers in the park and some of them have changed and cannot believe how friendly everyone is.

I am very pleased to recommend Champion Vets to anyone because Ruby has been so well looked after and goes in very happily to see them.

Mrs Williamson and Ruby | Paisley

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